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Melee combat is an opposed roll with both combatants having the opportunity to injure the other. Body or Agility can be used as the attribute rolled as appropriate for the method of combat being used. The character who rolls highest is successful and hits the opposing character. In the case of a tie neither character was able to get the advantage.


Ranged combat uses agility as the modifying attribute. The base target to hit is 6, but that is modified by many factors.

  • +3 for each range category shift away from optimal
  • +3 for soft or partial cover
  • +3 for heavy cover
  • +3 for poor light or reduced visibility
  • +3 if the target is running
  • +3 if the shooter is running
  • -3 if the shooter is still
  • -3 if the target is still
  • -6 for a round spent aiming
  • No modification for walking or slow movement

Special Rules for Weapons


  • Explosion = Explodes filling an area appropriate for the weapon. All targets within this area receive full damage to all locations
  • Burning = Flaming material covers an area appropriate for the weapon. At the start of each combat order thereafter roll 1d6. ON a 1 the fire goes out. As long as it burns anyone in the area at the start of their turn takes full damage. Upon leaving the area a character may spend a move or attack action to extinguish themselves. Otherwise they will continue to burn at the start of each move turn with their personal fire going out on a 1d6 roll of 1 or 2.
  • Deadly = On a critical failure during attack the weapon explodes in the users hands dealing an attack to the user.
  • Energy = Ignores 10 points of armor
  • Semi-Automatic = Weapon may make two independent attacks a round. The second shot has a +3 penalty to hit difficulty.
  • Full Automatic = automatically has the Semi-Auto Perk
  • Fast Load = Requires no actions to reload
  • Breech = Requires 1 round per shot to reload
  • Muzzle-Loaded = Requires three rounds per shot to reload.
  • Sawed off\Scatter Shot = +3 to attack roll. Potential to hit multiple targets or one target in multiple locations. Armor has double value against scatter shot and damage is halved at long range.


  • Spray and Pray = Weapon may be fired wildly at a target hoping one of the bullets in the barrage will hit. Each bullet gives a +1 bonus to hit. Success means a bullet hit. For each 3 points of additional success another bullet hits.
  • Walking Fire = Declare a first and last target. Each target or man-sized space between them takes up one bullet. Each target passed over may be attacked adding a +3 Penalty to difficulty
  • Intercepting = If a character has not taken any actions that used their hands they may make a free attack on anyone charging to hand to hand range after their move and before their attack.


The location hit by an attack is determined by rolling a hit location die. If a hit location die is not available a D12 may be substituted using the following chart.

  1. Attacker's Choice
  2. Head
  3. Right arm
  4. Left arm
  5. Right leg
  6. Right leg
  7. Left leg
  8. Left leg
  9. Torso
  10. Torso
  11. Torso
  12. Torso
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