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Setting Attributes

Each character starts the game with a total of 36 points to divide among the six attributes. No attribute may be below 2 or above 10, as these represent the functional minimum and maximum of normal people.

Higher attribute scores represent a character's strengths, while lower ones represent their weaknesses.

Certain game elements (such as equipment or injury) may shift attributes below 2 or above 10, but this shouldn't normally occur during this step of character creation.

Attribute Definitions


Body represents a character's overall physical health. It can help them survive injury, withstand the elements, lift heavy objects, and hit harder.


Agility represents a character's physical precision. It can help them walk across a narrow catwalk, climb a slippery surface, aim a gun, or thread a needle.





Speed represents how quickly a character can move. It affects both their speed in a flat run and how quickly they can move in response to threats.

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