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Attributes represent the qualities that everyone of us is born with. While some people are naturally strong and tough, others may be smart and fast. Some people may be able to be friends with everyone they meet but not be able to lift a sack of potatoes and everything in between.

In short, Attributes are an inherent part of what makes the characters human.

Setting Attributes

Each character starts the game with a total of 36 points to divide among the six attributes. No attribute may be below 2 or above 10, as these represent the functional minimum and maximum of normal people.

Higher attribute scores represent a character's strengths, while lower ones represent their weaknesses.

Certain game elements (such as equipment or injury) may shift attributes below 2 or above 10, but this shouldn't normally occur during this step of character creation.

Attribute Definitions


Body represents a character's overall physical health. It can help them survive injury, withstand the elements, lift heavy objects, and hit harder.


Agility represents a character's physical precision. It can help them walk across a narrow catwalk, climb a slippery surface, aim a gun, or thread a needle.


Perception represents how aware a character is of their surroundings. It is the skill rolled to see, hear, smell, or otherwise notice something in the environment.


Smarts represents how intelligent a character is. This frequently equates to what a character knows but it is also the more abstract aspects of intelligence like how quickly a character can learn.


Social represents a characters charisma when interacting with others. This can be interacting, negotiating, or even intimidation. How well a character can get the result they want when talking to others.


Speed represents how quickly a character can move. It affects both their speed in a flat run and how quickly they can move in response to threats. If your speed is reduced to 0 or below for any reason you cannot move without assistance.

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